Special Waste

Permitted waste category E :  Special Waste (asbestos only)

All laboratory analysis to determine asbestos content must be (UKAS) accredited

  • High density bonded asbestos
  • Asbestos cement building products (sheet and rainwater goods etc)
  • Asbestos slate and resin bonded flooring etc*

* Excluded from this sub category are high density bonded products whose physical form because of cutting, grinding, fragmentation or deterioration presents a significant risk to human health from airborne release of asbestos fibres

Fibrous asbestos is excluded under the terms of this license
Eg. Asbestos lagging, insulation, medium density insulation board or any high density bonded products.



Waste category F: Special Waste (other than asbestos)

  • Waste oils
  • Lead acid batteries > than 5
  • Prescription only medicines or sharps
  • In-organic acids; hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, chromic acid and phosphoric acid
  • Organic acids; aliphatic acids eg. Acetic acid, aromatic acids benzoic acids
  • Alkalis; hydroxide of sodium, potassium or calcium or ammonia
  • Toxic metal compounds; cadmium, mercury, arsenic, chromium, barium
  • Inorganic compounds; cyanide, potassium cyanide etc
  • Fats waxes and greases
  • Tar and pitch
  • Miscellaneous waste; lamps containing sodium

Waste category G: Prohibited Waste

No prohibited waste tipped at this facility


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