Difficult Waste

Waste category D: Difficult Waste – (limited)

  • Polymeric materials;
    • (A) finished products and manufactured scrap, expanded polyurethane and polystyrene
    • (B) scrap rubber including tyres
    • (C) ion-exchanger resin wastes
  • Contaminated rubbish including bags and sacks and empty used containers unless the contamination renders them special waste
  • Road gully detritus (emptying and sweepings) must be drained of all free water
  • Lead acid motor vehicle batteries * (only if arising from household)



Waste category G: Difficult Waste

  • Clinical waste
  • Various in-organic compounds
  • Bitumen and paint wastes; bitumen and asphalts dried or de-natured paint, varnish or lacquer
  • Edible oils, other oils, including mineral oils
  • Waste oils including engine oil lubricating oil
  • Industrial effluent treatment sludge
  • Miscellaneous waste
  • Animal and food waste ie animal carcasses , part and whole, flesh, blood, fat, grease and excrement
  • Leachate and sludges from a leatchate treatment works.


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